Skyluxe Waterproofing Division

Skyluxe Waterproofing specializes in all building envelope restoration and below & above grade waterproofing systems.

We specialize in providing below grade waterproofing systems for Conventional, Blindside and Tanked systems. These assemblies can be installed in various ways from Torch Applied, Self-Adhered, Liquid Applied, Trowel Applied and Spray Applied.

Hot rubber is commonly used for waterproofing roofs, plaza decks and other flat surfaces. It can be applied to both new and existing structures making it a versatile option for a variety of construction and renovation projects.

Traffic toppings are a type of flooring material that is designed to withstand heavy foot and vehicular traffic. They are commonly used in residential, commercial and industrial settings such as parking garages, loading docks, warehouses, roofs and roads where durability and resistance to wear and tear are important considerations. Types of products include Polyurethane, Epoxy, Cementitious and PMMA/PUMA.

Application of sealer on surfaces such as slabs on grade, balconies and service rooms.

Cementitious waterproofing for stormwater tanks, elevator pits, sump pits.

Leak repairs on a new or existing foundation is common, the application refers to the process of identifying and fixing any leaks or water infiltration issues in a building’s foundation. Types of products used are either Polyurethane/Epoxy Injections, Cementitious coating and cement/chemical grouting depending on the conditions.