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Old leaking industrial steel roof project. Client found us online and called us to assess the roof leaks on this building. There were many leaks all over and I provided a couple of options to the client. The best and most expensive option I offered was to install a modified bitumen roof over the existing steel. In order to do this properly we had to source a pre-cut poly iso insulation that is custom cut in order to fill in the existing steel flutes.

2-1 Soprasmart Board Installation with Duotack

Flat Roof System

Technical diagram of Flute Filler & Poly Iso
Roof at Steelhawk
Roof Replacement at Steelhawk

This is the direction the client ended up going and it turned out great. A modified bitumen roof like this will last a long time with such a great slope. They also got a much better R-Value of Insulation on the building which will improve the building efficiency. We completed this project within three weeks without disrupting internal operations of the business inside.

2-1 Soprasmart Board Installation with Duotack