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22 Knudson

A gorgeous luxury home in Vaughan. Sleek lines and details. Designed by Richard Mann Architect Inc. & built by Bachly Construction.

LCC Roof and Gutters in Vaughan

Soprema Flat Roof

Metal Roof System

Gutters, Downpipes, Soffits & Fascia

Lead Coated Copper Roof and Gutters being made

Client and architect was looking for an exotic metal for the roof and gutters and their final choice ended up being lead coated copper. Exotic metals are installed with the intention of lasting forever. Copper has been installed for centuries on buildings and the historical building practices when installing copper is the highest standard that can be used.

Historical building practices means that there is no solder and caulking used. Every piece of standing seam metal is double locked together to create a water tight seal. Basically artwork. We used historical building practices when installing this roof. All hips and valleys are double locked. We folded each panel at the change of slope transition which is very difficult to do. We preferred this rather than installing two pieces and having a connection and weak point at the transition.

Lead Coated Copper Roof and Gutters
Lead Coated Copper Roof & Gutters in Woodbridge
Lead Coated Copper Roof in National Estates in Vaughan

We installed a breather mat to create an air gap under the lead coated copper which is good building practice when installing exotic metals. We also did a beautiful custom box detail drip edge at the perimeter of the flat roofs to match the drawings from Richard Mann Architect. We installed a Soprema 2-ply modified bitumen flat roof system on all flat roofs. We also custom fabricated and soldered all lead coated copper gutters, downpipes fascia and soffit.

Lead Coated Copper Standing Seam Roof